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Custom Tailored Facials

Anti-aging and acne treatments, rejuvenating peels, hydrating and relaxing masks, LED light therapy - all to fit your unique and individual needs. 

Most Effective Anti-Aging Treatments

Cutting edge, latest treatments and procedures like, Collagen Induction Therapy, available not only to someone who can afford to go to the upscale salons and spas, but to anybody who needs help.


Wide variety of treatments all done under one roof. 
Spa offers facial, body treatments and waxing. 

Poppy Petal Spa has the latest technologies in treating scars, sun damage, acne, and aging skin. Conveniently located in the heart of Jefferson County. It is near Denver, Arvada, Westminster, Broomfield, Boulder, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Thornton, and Aurora.

  •   I not only enjoyed a wonderful European facial, but the ambiance of a professionally beautiful spa experience by Yulia. I highly recommend
    her salon and will most definitely look forward to another day of beauty for my skin!

    thumb Linda V.

      Yulia has the hands of an angel. Last August of 2016 I made the decision to get a IUD with hormones. (What women wouldn't want a period and not get pregnant?) I had a boyfriend at the time and we both agreed it would be a smart and safe move for me. I never had bad skin in my life. I was blessed with great skin from my parents. My background is Mexican and Black so my skin tone is a very light tan. I was always told I could pass for Puerto Rican or Egyptian. 8 months pass and my skin decides to take a turn for the worst. I broke out with super severe with deep pore pimples, inflamed blackheads, and PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation.) This was the worst breakout of my life. I went to a place in Huntington Beach called Beach Skin that completely raped my wallet with nonsense facials, microneedling, and Blue Light/Red Light treatment. $600+ later my wallet was empty and my skin was even worse. The microneedling ended up spreading my acne all over my face. (I only broke out on my cheek and chin areas. Those areas are common for unbalanced hormones. The IUD was causing my skin to break out.) I assumed I needed another microneedling since that was what Beach Skin told me. I was not ready to waste anymore money and time at that horrible place. I went on Groupon (I'm a college student and that $600+ was from my savings.) and found Yulia. I went in prepared to do the microneedling and she assured me that I didn't need a microneedling but a European facial. The facial did not burn and was very soothing. It turns out my face was severely dry and my skin was overproducing sebum to make up for the lack of hydration. Beach Skin kept telling me my skin was too oily and demanded that I strip my skin of it's natural oils to soak up the sebum. Yulia finished her gentle facial and informed me about Solange. Solange is the product company she uses and it's great. It's organic and is made fresh. I never had acne growing up, but the cost of having no acne meant a super sensitive skin type. Makeup broke me out and gave me rashes. Yes I never got into makeup because of my skin. I couldn't even wear eyelinear or mascara without getting styes or a bad reaction. I trusted Yulia and bought Solange as well. The first week my skin healed dramatically. A lot of my dark spots were inflamed blackheads and my skin was red because it was irritated. Not only was my skin being dried out from Beach Skin but the BP and SA (Benzoyl Perxoide and Salilyic Acid) (Yes I misspelled them. Lol) Beach Skin (Ashley the esthetician who messed up my skin worst.) recommended was over drying my skin. The products Yulia had me buy unclogged my pores and helped heal it! This review is long and most people may not read it but at least check out my before and after pictures. The dark spots have faded dramatically and look like freckles now. My skin is 85% healed. I don't break out or have pimples anymore! Thank you Yulia!  The picture with pink hair was from last year. Skin affects a person's confidence! I used to model and once my skin broke out I stopped going out and became depressed. Yulia restored my skin and now I get compliments everywhere! My friends noticed a huge difference and now I can go out and not be depressed about my skin!!

    thumb Victoria G.

      I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Yulia! Her salon is very comforting and relaxing. Her spa music put me in such a peaceful state.

    This was my first facial in over 3 years, yikes! Yulia recommended I get a peel and mask, so I did. Best advice I received! With such a gentle touch, my face felt absolutely refreshed and soft. Even her extractions were very gentle and I am so happy with the results! I didn't break out, my face even feels healthier and shinier, which is great since I have very dry skin. She rejuvenated my face!

    OH, can't forget about the best part- my brows! I don't like being waxed so she offered to tweeze them. Honestly, my brows are the best they've ever looked! I will absolutely be back for more!

    Yulia, you're the best! Thank you for the best facial and eyebrow shaping I've ever had! You're amazing.

    thumb Regina M.
  •   Just had a facial with Yulia and I'm hooked! She has the hands of an angel, perfect pressure! Nothing burned and everything smelled heavenly. I could have stayed there all day! She's also very knowledgeable and I ended up learning a lot about my skin. I'm definitely recommending Yulia to everyone! Thank you so much for my glowing skin

    thumb Sarah C.

      Went in for a mini facial and LED light therapy hoping to get results, sure enough I did! Yulya is amazing and kind. She walks you through the whole process and she is very nice and understanding to your needs. I'm still young so she was teaching me how to maintain my skin. She has great products and does not push anything it all depends on you and your willing to fix the issues on your skin. She gives discounts on her products too! You have nothing to lose come to Yulya! I'm going back next week for my next LED therapy she is worth the time. 🙂

    thumb Erika V.

      I LOVE poppy petal spa! Julia is amazing and always listens to every need. I've gotta a few facials with her, one of which was microneedling, and she walked me through the entire process and made sure I was comfortable. She follows up with me and checks in on how I'm doing, too!
    Her spa is always so cozy, comforting, and relaxing. I would go to her for all your beauty needs; trust me, I don't say that lightly.
    I also get my lashes done with her and always get compliments on them.

    thumb Jb R.
  •   Yulia is so gentle, calming, sweet & kind. She does the best eye brow waxing and facials.  Looking forward to relaxing while getting a facial this morning.

    thumb Camille R.

      Yulia is great! I got my face micro needled with her and she did such a great job. She explained everything she was doing, and was very gentle. It was relatively painless as topical numbing was applied. It's only been about 3 weeks and my skin feels nice! No down time, just redness the day of, and light skin peeling/flakiness for about a week after. Really recommend her! Her studio is in the back of Sola Salon Studios in the spa area.

    thumb Wynn L.

      I look forward to facials with Yulia. She is so kind and has a high degree of expertise. She works out of her home. The environment is clean, attractive, and peaceful. My skin feels wonderful when I leave and I have never had a reaction of any kind to the products. I love talking with her. She is smart and interesting and she doesn't try to sell products. Wonderful!

    thumb Anita M.